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Christine Lagarde’s refusal to appear before the plenary vote on her candidature to be the next European Central Bank president has been strongly condemned by GUE/NGL co-president Manon Aubry.

Despite an attempt by the group to postpone the vote to October, both the debate and vote will proceed as scheduled on Tuesday.

Commenting on the Lagarde no-show, Aubry said:

“Lagarde said in her first public hearing to be the president of the European Central Bank that the Executive Board of the ECB is unelected and must therefore be answerable to the European Parliament.”

“She also said that she “cherishes this relationship” with the elected members who represent the citizens.”

“She even said the ECB “should listen to the people”, and that she wanted a “dialogue” with civil society,” Aubry said.

“It is therefore unthinkable that the debate and vote of the European Parliament on her appointment will be held without Lagarde being present.”

“This cannot be the first act of her new presidency!”

“Equally, it is inconceivable that the other political groups agreed to the debate and vote in Lagarde’s absence because this further weakens the role of the Parliament which, during this entire appointment procedure, was already becoming insignificant,” she concluded.

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