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A statement by Martin Schirdewan MEP, co-president of The Left in the European Parliament & member of the EU Parliament’s UK Coordination Group on the latest developments in the negotiations between the EU & the British government

“We have heard from Michel Barnier that there has been no significant movement on the fundamental issues that have blocked an agreement for months.”

“If the British government are not prepared to give binding commitments on workers’ rights and the environment, on fisheries and on governance, then we reluctantly conclude that there is likely to be no agreement.

“However, if an agreement can be reached in the coming days then the consent of the European Parliament cannot be taken for granted.

“Any such agreement may involve compromises on some of the most sensitive issues – in particular non-regression on workers’ rights and the environment.

“It is the duty of the Parliament to scrutinise any agreement to ensure that it doesn’t cross our red lines.

“We know the time is too short for the kind of in-depth scrutiny such an agreement deserves, but The Left in the European Parliament will take its responsibilities and will not support an agreement that is against the interests of the people and workers in EU member states.

“We hope that the rest of the Parliament will do likewise.”




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