The European United Left/Nordic Green Left made European Parliamentary history this week when it counted more women than men in its political group.


Already the election results in May not only increased the group's representation in Parliament by 50%, but it also gave it a historic 50/50 female/male representation. After the decision by former Podemos MEP Carlos Jiménez Villarejo to step down and his replacement by Tania González Peñas, the number of GUE/NGL women MEPs rose to 27 women, 25 men this week.


GUE/NGL President Gabi Zimmer said: “Gender equality is a key priority for the Left and our group will intensify its fight for even greater gender equality and improved women's rights across Europe.”


GUE/NGL Vice-President Malin Björk said: “Again, it is the Left group that shows the way and that not only talks about gender equality and gender balance, but actually delivers. A gender balance in decision making is a central democratic principle and, despite this, it is only the Left that actually achieves gender equality in political representation.”

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