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The 25th São Paulo Forum will be taking place in Caracas from tomorrow until 28th July, and GUE/NGL will be represented by Manu Pineda (Izquierda Unida, Spain) and Sandra Pereira (PCP, Portugal).

The event brings more than 120 leftist organisations and political parties together to discuss regional challenges in Latin America and beyond, and how to counter the prevailing neoliberal doctrine across the globe.

Ahead of the Forum, Pereira said:

“This year’s theme of “For Peace, Sovereignty and Prosperity of the Peoples: Unity, Struggle, Battle and Victory!” will be an important affirmation of the values and objectives around which the democratic, progressive and revolutionary forces of all of Latin America and Caribbean have gathered here for.”

“The presence of a delegation from GUE/NGL is an important opportunity to deepen our knowledge of the political situation in the region, and to strengthen friendships and extend solidarity with those forces,” she said.

Echoing those sentiments, Pineda said:

“We are going to the São Paulo Forum along with our brothers from Latin America and the rest of the world to seek common strategies in fighting against the new wave of US-led hostility.”

“It’s important to emphasise that this year’s Forum takes places in Venezuela – a country currently under siege where its fate is in the hands of external forces,” he concluded.

Following the Forum, Pineda will travel onto Quito where he will meet with former Ecuadorian vice-president Jorge Glas who is currently in jail.


Photo of the last time the São Paulo Forum was held in Caracas in 2012, led by Hugo Chávez, courtesy of Cancillería del Ecuador on Flickr

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