“We fully support the demonstrators and we call upon the Turkish government and the police forces to refrain from any further acts of violence and suppression. There can be no democracy in Turkey without giving the Turks and Kurds their fundamental freedoms. There can be no democracy in Turkey without restoring the fundamental rights of the Cypriots, both Greek-Cypriots and Turkish-Cypriots alike.”


Irish MEP Paul Murphy told High Representative Ashton that he was “appalled by the press statement you put out on Sunday night in which you call 'for the need for restraint on all sides'. In Istanbul I personally witnessed massive and systematic violence – including considerable use of teargas and water cannons – by Turkish police against protestors. Your statement came just 24 hours before the police moved with brutal force into Taksim Square turning it into a war zone. The protestors I met in Istanbul were an absolute inspiration; they are only guilty of demanding their rights and freedoms.”


“On June 7 and 8, I was in Taksim square and the toll of the state violence that I saw was terrible”, said Giorgios Toussas. The Turkish government has attacked ordinary people and political parties. The police violence and the repression of demonstrators must stop and the people responsible for the violence need to be brought to book.”

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