The Left in the European Parliament has renewed the mandates of its Co-Presidents Manon Aubry and Martin Schirdewan and Vice-Presidents Marisa Matias, Sira Rego, Nikolaj Villumsen and João Pimenta Lopes for the second half of the European Parliamentary term. 

The Co-Presidents thanked the group’s MEPs for their trust and confidence in their continued efforts to lead the group’s fight for a Europe of workers rights, climate action, feminism, peace, & human rights. 

“We’re looking forward to continuing and stepping up our work for real progressive change in the EU. Those who want another Europe can count on The Left to confront the neoliberals and the far-right with strong public interest proposals at both the EU and national levels,” said Martin Schirdewan.

“We made a commitment to be the voice of the streets in the European Parliament. Since 2019, we have led this work at a time when people in Europe and across the globe are facing unprecedented turbulence. We must build a stronger Left, this is crucial to tackle the crises people are facing and in particular inequalities and climate change,” said Manon Aubry, who remains the youngest chair of a Parliamentary group in Parliament’s history.

Given their strong record, Kateřina Konečná will also continue as group treasurer and The Left will present the same candidates for the institutional positions held since 2019. The group has also decided to have a candidate for the presidency of the European Parliament who will be confirmed in the coming days.

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