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It is with immense sadness that we have learned of the passing of Manolis Glezos, a pillar of the international left, a symbol of resistance against fascism, and a former member of our group.

Known for having torn down the swastika from the Acropolis in Athens at 18 years old, the loss of Glezos, 97, will be felt heavily by us all.

Co-presidents of the GUE/NGL group Martin Schirdewan and Manon Aubry said:

“Our heartfelt condolences go to Manolis’s loved ones, friends, and family, especially our comrades and colleagues from the Syriza party who Manolis worked with during his time as an MEP here in our group.

“A resistance fighter during the war and right up until his last days, Manolis strongly campaigned against inequality and austerity in Greece, Europe and the world. It is now up to us to take inspiration from his lifetime of activism and enduring political work. We have truly lost a hero today.”

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