Media · VIDEO · May 05, 2021

Inaction Kills.

South Africa, India and almost 100 states co-sponsor a proposal at the WTO to waive intellectual property rights on covid-19’s vaccines, equipment and treatments (TripsWaiver) ✅

Joe Biden’s administration backs the proposal for a #TripsWaiver and the US are ready to start negotiations ✅

The European Parliament vote in favor of the Trips Waiver ✅

Europeans leaders support the Trips Waiver ❌❌❌

The European Commission, the prime minister and head of states of the EU governments are now almost the only one missing. Today they will meet in Rome for the Global Health Summit
They can’t keep ignoring the call of millions of people around the world asking for the lifting of patents

We joined their call and made sure that the European Parliament was listening. Watch our MEPs speeches during this week’s plenary!