GUE/NGL strongly condemns yesterday’s attack by ‘Casapound’ fascist squads against MEP Eleonora Forenza, her assistant Antonio Perillo – who has suffered serious injuries – and others who took part in an anti-racist demonstration in Bari, Italy. We express our full solidarity to Eleonora, Antonio, and all the activists they marched alongside.

This is yet another incident of violent aggression by this fascist organization and must be a source of grave concern for every democratic citizen of Italy and Europe. Any attack on peaceful protests is an attack on democracy. Such fascism cannot be tolerated nor allowed to raise its ugly head.

We urge the Italian government to act immediately and stop ignoring racist and xenophobic violence.

We urge the Italian government to openly and clearly condemn this aggression, to identify those responsible, and to ensure they are brought to justice.

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