MEPs Idoia Villanueva Ruiz and João Ferreira were in Kigali, Rwanda for the GUE/NGL group at the joint parliamentary assembly between the EU and the ACP (African, Caribbean and Pacific) countries.

Aside from field visits to local projects, bilateral exchanges with parliamentarians from ACP countries, and a visit to a genocide memorial, the MEPs took part in debates on youth, digitalisation, industrialisation, climate change, fisheries & IPA agreements.

GUE/NGL achieved some solid results in voting on resolutions by introducing amendments criticising the impacts of free trade agreements, challenging agribusiness and demanding emphasis on local agricultural projects, calling for the cancellation of the illegitimate debt of developing countries, and demanding strengthened sovereignty for ACP countries.


L-R: MEPs João Ferreira & Idoia Villanueva Ruiz


Voting at the EU-ACP JPA


The GUE/NGL team in Kigali