The European Parliament today gave its green light to a report that calls on member states to ratify the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Convention on decent work, working conditions and rights for domestic workers.


GUE/NGL MEP Inês Zuber, author of the report, comments: “Ratification of this Convention would be a vital step forward in protecting workers in this sector who are often from the most vulnerable groups, women and migrant workers.


“The rights of domestic workers in Europe is something we don't talk about much as these workers suffer from a lack of visibility. Workers are ensconced in their working environments, and they are forced into an individual position without co-workers, so it becomes very difficult for people to defend their rights collectively.”


MEP Zuber outlined the principles set out in the Convention: “It clearly calls for domestic workers to have the same rights as any other employee with access to social security. Working time must be clearly defined and workers must be covered by a clear written contract that protects them, and labour inspections must be allowed to take place. We also know that quite often domestic workers are at greater risk of sexual abuse or domestic violence in the workplace so they must be protected in this respect too.”

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