Today’s European Parliament vote on the EU LGBTIQ+ equality strategy brings us closer to an inclusive Europe.

A report authored by Left MEP José Gusmão (Left Bloc, Portugal) pushes the EU to ensure that LGBTIQ+ people enjoy the same rights in all member states.

The text calls for EU and national policies to cover grounds of multiple and intersectional discrimination, which can be based on, among other grounds, socio-economic status, age, race, religion, actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and sex characteristics or disability.

It condemns the fact that the rise of far-right political forces has motivated an increase in the stigmatisation, harassment, violence against and persecution of LGBTIQ+ persons and LGBTIQ+ civil society organisations and activists.

MEPs also agree that there is a need for more funding to achieve equality. Both in the EU and across the world, there is a need to support and adequately fund civil society organisations and groups working towards the protection and promotion of LGBTIQ+ rights at local, regional, and national levels, according to the adopted text.

The European Parliament reaffirms that the EU needs to take further steps towards the legal recognition of same-sex marriages and partnerships and rainbow families, including trans parents.

The report calls on the European Commission to prepare a new LGBTIQ+ Equality Strategy for 2025-2030. To implement it, the Commission should secure a portfolio for an Equality and Diversity Commissioner in the next term. It also encourages the introduction of an LGBTIQ+ rights coordinator in the Commission.

The Left had pushed for the recognition that LGBTIQ+ people are still discriminated against when accessing healthcare services and that access to healthcare should be offered as a free, universal and public service. The right-wing and far-right groups rejected these amendments.


MEP José Gusmão declared:

“With this report, the European Parliament is sending a clear message: the European Union needs a second LGBTIQ+ Equality Strategy.

We need to step up implementation efforts, including protecting and investing in public services.

The safety and dignity of LGBTIQ+ people are indeed the safety and dignity of all of us. The EU cannot leave anyone behind.”

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