A statement by GUE/NGL President and member of the Parliament’s Brexit Steering Group, Gabi Zimmer

Another Brexit summit with yet another extension – and the uncertainty goes on.

Time after time, the British government has failed to provide much-needed clarity and decisiveness to bring an end to the impasse.

All the while, citizens are bearing the brunt of the British government’s inability to stick to their promises.

Even with a 6-month extension, the fundamentals remain: will Britain be leaving or staying, on what terms, and what kind of relationship it wants with its closest neighbours?

Much of the above will depend on the presence of British MEPs in the new European Parliament – if Britain is to take part in next month’s European elections.

Yes, there will likely be a new influx of hostile, far-right British representatives determined to cause maximum damage to the EU and its institutions.

But others will bring a more positive and constructive role. We, on the Left, must do our best to help shape the next stages of this process.

We must work to ensure that EU and British citizen’s rights are not eroded, and the peace process in Ireland is not undermined

This week marks the 21st anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement – an international treaty that has stood the test of time and must be upheld in all of its parts.

A return to a hard border on the island of Ireland would not be an outcome that will be acceptable to all sides.

And with no end in sight, the EU27 and British Prime Minister must always keep these in mind in the weeks, months and perhaps years ahead.

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