More food law transparency a win for citizens & environment

Today, the European Parliament approved a binding proposal to make food legislation more transparent. The proposal should make the safety assessment of ‘sensitive substances’ such as pesticides and genetically modified food more open and reliable.

Parliament is responding to the European Citizens´ Initiative, which saw over one million people demanding a ban on glyphosate and toxic pesticides. These proposals are also in line with the expected recommendations of Parliament’s Special Committee on Pesticides.

MEP Anja Hazekamp (Partij voor de Dieren, Netherlands) welcomed the outcome of the vote:

“The only responsible guide to determining whether food and other substances we consume are safe is the precautionary principle. The health of people and animals and the right to a healthy environment must always take precedence over the commercial interests of the pesticide-industry.”

“Due to these changes to food law, the EU can no longer approve food or pesticides based on secret industry studies, as was the case with the approval of the controversial pesticide glyphosate.”

“From now on research must be done by independent scientists who openly share their findings. This is a big win for food safety and the health of people and animals,” Hazekamp concluded.

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