“The scale of imposed austerity measures has had a devastating impact on the Greek healthcare system”, GUE/NGL President Gabi Zimmer said this morning after she had met Greek Health Minister, Panagiotis Kouroumplis.
“The previous Greek government and the Troika completely failed to understand that behind the economic statistics lie real human beings, who have been severely affected by the largest cuts to the health sector seen across Europe.”
“I agree with Minister Kouroumplis that every migrant and refugee must also have access to a health care system without exclusions. That is a fundamental human right and it is in the interest of the EU, as much as Greece, to have efficient healthcare to prevent dangerous illnesses and epidemics. The Greek health system cannot face this challenge alone any longer.”
“The Greek Health Minister submitted an action plan to the European Commission aiming at addressing the dramatic impact of the economic crisis on the Greek healthcare system and on the health of residents. I appeal to the European Commission to help the Greek government to mount an urgently needed response to this escalating human crisis”, Gabi Zimmer said.
“Commission President Juncker recently stated that he does care about the Greek people. This is the time to prove it”, GUE/NGL President concluded.

Gianfranco Battistini
GUE/NGL press officer + 32 475 646628
[email protected]   @Gfbattistini


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