New 40% energy efficiency target to fight climate change and energy poverty

A vote by MEPs to increase the European Commission’s 2030 target on energy efficiency and its annual energy savings requirement has been welcomed by GUE/NGL as key to fighting climate change and energy poverty.

MEPs on the Environment, Public Health and Safety (ENVI) committee called for a 40% energy efficiency target by 2030 – up from the 30% target set out by the Commission. Although GUE/NGL favours an even more ambitious target of at least 45% in order to provide a realistic path towards 2050, MEP Xabier Benito said the vote was positive on a number of levels:

“It is good news that the ENVI committee supports a 40% energy efficiency target and a consistent legal framework.”

“The Industry, Research and Energy committee should follow those recommendations. Energy efficiency is a key tool to meet climate goals and to fight energy poverty,” he said.