GUE/NGL is deeply concerned with the results of the Brazilian presidential elections and the victory of the far right candidate Jair Bolsonaro.

This outcome is linked to the increasing judicialization of Brazilian politics, which had its strongest manifestation in the institutional coup that deposed the legitimate President Dilma Rousseff in 2016 and the unfair arrest and prevention of candidacy of Lula da Silva. The result threatens to intensify the attacks against the rights of workers and of the Brazilian people given that Bolsonaro has advocated for the exploitation and weakening of social rights, promoted hate speech against minorities and other social groups and attacked fundamental values, liberties and democracy. Bolsonaro dangerously promotes reactionary politics, shows sympathy for fascism and the return of dictatorship in Brazil. His political project is underpinned by violence, hate speech and will foster assimilation policies which aim at cracking down on minorities.

We denounce the involvement of the large economic and financial groups, the big landowners, the backward and coup apologists in the degradation of the situation in Brazil. This result was influenced by a systematic and brutal media and social media campaign that sought to whitewash the real objectives of Jair Bolsonaro’s candidacy while spreading lies and fake news. Although 58 million people have voted for Bolsonaro, around 80 million Brazilians voters chose other options. These numbers show that more than half of the country has not chosen Jair Bolsonaro as their next president.

Nevertheless, his victory is part of a worrying trend worldwide towards authoritarianism and attack on democratic principles led by Trump, Orban, Salvini and now Bolsonaro. GUE/NGL stands in solidarity with progressive and democrat Brazilians who have faced these difficult challenges yet built an impressive popular mobilisation. We salute Brazilian civil society and highlight the brave example of the #EleNao women's mobilizations. Despite the difficult circumstances, Fernando Haddad made a brave effort and achieved an important result, which stands as testament to the commitment to continue the struggle against fascism with determination in the defence of liberties and democracy.

GUE/NGL calls for the strengthening of solidarity with Brazilian progressive and democratic forces, with the workers and the Brazilian people. We stand with the resistance and the struggle to resume the path of social progress, sovereign development, cooperation and peace started in 2002 with the election of Lula da Silva as President of Brazil.

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