During a debate on new rules on the content and labelling of baby milks and food for special medical or dietary purposes, GUE/NGL MEP Kartika Liotard welcomed the compromise which “would give enhanced protection for these foods”.


She also welcomed the fact that “without the health claims that only aim to increase the profits of the food industry, in particular for baby food, baby milk and follow-on milk, labelling would be more transparent for consumers”.


She stressed the importance of reducing pesticide residues in baby food as much as possible. “It is only logical that food intended for the most vulnerable among us does not contain pesticides.”


“With these new rules we have set high standards for food safety in Europe. If we can be successful in the field of special food, this should surely be the case in other areas, for example for GMOs, cloned meat and limiting additives and intensive farming. 
With this compromise we've made a good start.”

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