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Four years of Donald Trump have undermined trust in US democracy, weakened multilateralism and destroyed international agreements, says Martin Schirdewan, co-president of The Left in the European Parliament.

Above all, democracy has been continuously attacked and undermined by Trump at the White House – and the same fascist movements are also present here in the EU. 

Speaking at the European Parliament this morning, Schirdewan said:

“The shocking images of the storming of the Capitol and the failed coup attempt did not come out of nowhere. Democracy in the US has been continuously attacked by the White House autocrat.”

“But democracy is not only in danger in the US – Europe, too, has seen the emergence of a new fascist movement. Some of those very same enemies of democracy and Trump allies are still here in the European Parliament.”

With Joe Biden’s inauguration today, Schirdewan says a new US president means a fresh start for the transatlantic relationship. For The Left group, expectations are high but they must be accompanied by concrete policies that will defend peace and democracy, and tackle inequality:

“Firstly, there must be a return to multilateralism. No more weakening, but strengthening, of international organisations like the United Nations and the WHO.”

“Secondly, the new president must implement a policy that is committed to climate protection. The re-entry of the US into the Paris agreement is an encouraging sign.”

“Third, the US must work on maintaining a peaceful world order. This applies to the relationship with China as well as with Russia. This also means nuclear disarmament, and re-entering talks on the Iran nuclear deal,” he added.

“Last but not least, US policy must help restore and strengthen democracy around the world: standing up for citizens’ individual rights and freedom. This also means policies that will resolutely fight against social inequality, and foster social cohesion.”

“But anyone who truly wants to defend democracy must have the courage to cut down the economic and political powers of the super-rich and big corporations. Only in this way can social wealth be redistributed – and this applies to both sides of the Atlantic,” he concluded. 


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