A statement by Gabi Zimmer, GUE/NGL President and member of the Parliament’s Brexit Steering Group, on Prime Minister Theresa May´s desire to renegotiate the Brexit deal:


Prime Minister May is failing to manage her own party’s Brexit chaos. However, the deal she negotiated with the EU is final. The Withdrawal Agreement will not be renegotiated. It is now for the British to decide whether to ratify it or not.

By postponing the vote in the House of Commons, PM May is veering towards an unorderly Brexit with all its negative consequences. The fall of the Pound today is only the latest warning. If this is part of the Tory’s negotiating tactics, it will fail.

The British can either crash out with no agreement, which is in nobody’s interest, or revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU, as this morning´s European Court of Justice ruling made clear.

It is urgent that we ring-fence citizens’ rights in case there is

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