Statement by Gabi Zimmer MEP, GUE/NGL President:

“We condemn the statements of Manfred Weber during the electoral campaign equating the bigoted far right, which judges people based on race, with the radical left that strives for more democracy and a social Europe. This divisive rhetoric is rather unfitting of someone aspiring for the top job at the European Commission.”

“We reject any attempt by other political groups to exclude or discriminate against us during the upcoming negotiations in the European Parliament. We also expect to see a democratic and transparent process for the appointment of the Commission President. In principle, the future president should be a lead candidate that enjoys broad support from MEPs,elected in an inclusive, transparent and open way. Any future decision in the European Parliament must be made in this way, following institutional rules and procedures.”

“We strongly reject any backroom deals that further erode the trust of citizens and democratic values. Unfortunately, there are worrying indications that this is what  other political groups are attempting. We will fiercely oppose such deals in the same way that we criticise them at the Council.”

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