GUE/NGL MEPs intervened today in a plenary debate on the escalation of violence between Israel and Palestine, ahead of tomorrow's vote on a Parliament Joint Resolution.

Irish MEP Martina Anderson said: “Gaza is once again at crisis point, and millions worldwide are protesting in solidarity with the people of Gaza amid this appalling carnage.

“The Joint resolution is an awful attempt to neutralise the onslaught to avoid criticising Israel and it ignores the causes of the conflict. This EPP and S&D cosy consensus is disgraceful.

“The UN must recognise that Israeli actions have violated international law. For too long the UN and the wider international community has watched the blockade of Gaza; watched an apartheid wall being built; watched as road blocks were erected and segregated buses introduced.

“We have witnessed Israel demolishing thousands of Palestinian homes and force thousands of families from their land to build Israeli settlements. All of this is in violation of the 1993 Oslo Accord.”

Cypriot MEP Neoklis Sylikiotis said: “160,000 people have once again been displaced. 395,000 are without a minimum water supply, three hospitals have been attacked, 1000 homes destroyed.

“What are we waiting for here in the Parliament when war crimes are being committed in front of our eyes? What else are the EU and Mrs. Ashton waiting for to condemn this aggressive Israeli policy? What else is this newly elected Parliament waiting for? Is no one listening to the protests in the streets of European cities, and also in Israeli towns too?

“We want peace for the Palestinian people, the Israeli people, all the peoples of the troubled Middle East so that no more children will be killed. To make this feasible the impunity and colonisation must end and the occupation of Palestine must be lifted. Peace means freedom for Palestine.”

Greek MEP Sofia Sakorafa said: “What has the outcome been of hundreds of international resolutions that the EU signed up to since 1967 till now? The outcome has been 2.5 million Palestinians living in refugee camps, in unworthy conditions, who can't return to their countries.

“People are living in conditions reminiscent of apartheid. Let's not look the other way. Israel is carrying out an occupation and is not being punished in any way.

“We need to condemn the occupation, and condemn the detention of political prisoners. Israel must respect international conventions.”

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