The group of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left denounces in the strongest possible terms the sudden decision by the Greek government to close the country's three public television channels last night. 

This closure, without any prior notice, without consulting the unions, without debate in Parliament, on the orders of the Troika, is yet another symbol of the anti-democratic and authoritarian ways of the European institutions 
and the Greek government. It is a new attack on employment. Above all it is an unqualified attack against freedom of information and creativity in Greece. Some people believe that through this it will be possible to reduce or 
eliminate any criticism or protest against the iron fist of austerity policy being applied to the Greek people.


The GUE/NGL expresses its solidarity and support with journalists and employees of Greek public television. They want the European authorities, including the Commission, a member of the Troika, to intervene immediately so that 
Greek public television continues to broadcast. This is about pluralism and democracy in Europe.

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