In light of the ‘no’ vote in the Italian referendum on reforming the country’s constitution, two of GUE/NGL’s MEPs have endorsed the result as a victory for democratic rights in the EU:

Italian MEP, Eleonora Forenza, is in no doubt about the significance of this vote:

“This victory is a huge success for our anti-fascist Constitution – a legacy from our resistance during World War II. It is a great result for starting the process of changing Europe: now is the time to properly enforce and reassert our Constitution”.

“Furthermore, with this vote, southern Europe's constitutions have won against Wolfgang Schäuble, JP Morgan and all those who support austerity policies,” she added.

Curzio Maltese MEP, also agreed and commented:

“Today is the most important day in the history of our nation since the 1946 constitutional referendum which created the Italian Republic.” 

“It is a great result: a vote against the Italian and international establishment – Merkel, Juncker, Schulz, credit rating agencies, The Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times – which supported reforms aimed at overturning democratic and constitutional rights in Europe, starting with Italy,” the Italian MEP concluded.

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