A statement by Martin Schirdewan MEP, co-president of The Left in the European Parliament & member of the EU Parliament’s UK Coordination Group on the continuous obstruction by the British government & DUP on implementation of the Irish Protocol:

“I am very concerned about the state of implementation of the Irish Protocol and the obstructive attitude of the British government and the Democratic Unionist Party.”

“The British Conservative Party have clearly decided that permanent tension and aggression in their relationship with the EU benefits them politically, regardless of whether it is in the interests of the people of Britain or the North of Ireland.

“It is also worrying that the Protocol is being used by the DUP as an excuse to stall the implementation of commitments under the “New Decade New Approach” agreement and undermine the Good Friday Agreement.

“The starting point for any discussion on the Protocol must be that it is a legally binding international agreement, put in place to protect the Good Friday Agreement. The problems caused are a consequence of British government choice of a hard Brexit.

“The EU can be flexible with regard to implementation of the Protocol, but has to operate in the context of the political choices made by the British government. The British government must be honest about what they signed up to and get on with the implementation of the Protocol.”






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