“October 1917: Breakthrough towards socialism”

International forum of Communist-, Left- and Workers’ parties

Speech by Neoklis Sylikiotis on behalf of GUE/NGL

Wednesday, 2nd November 2017, Moscow

Dear Comrades, dear Friends,

On behalf of European United Left/Nordic Green Left Group (GUE/NGL) in the European Parliament, allow me to express our thanks to the Communist Party of the Russian Federation for its invitation to celebrate together the 100 Years of the Great October Socialist Revolution. We also express our warmest comradely greetings to all the Communist and Workers Parties, as well as all the organizations which are represented here today.

2017 marks the completion of one century since the historical event of global importance, which marked the struggle for the liberation of the peoples from class oppression and exploitation. This anniversary is an opportunity to once again reflect on lessons, conclusions and duties, which arose from this great victory of Humanity and Humanism.

Although the parallels between different historical periods pose the danger of oversimplification, the current international conditions present similar characteristics with the conditions which led the working class to revolt:

·     The tens of war hotbeds and the danger of a generalized war breaking out

·     the environmental threat to the existence of the planet,

·     the explosive inequalities,

·     the intensification of the exploitation of the working class,

·     poverty, hunger, destitution and unemployment for billions of people,

·     the vicious circle of loaning which is indeed undermining the very sovereignty of tens of states,

·     the crisis of the political system in the developed capitalist countries,

·     and the reinforcement of nationalisms and fascism, are confirming the structural deadlocks of capitalism and showing again the necessity and timeliness of socialism as the new step in the History of humanity.

Dear Comrades, dear friends,

The military-political and economic aggression of the Euro-Atlantic imperialistic bloc US-NATO-EU is being intensified. It seeks to defend its hegemony, targeting principally Russia and the PR of China. It´s economic-political penetration into Eastern Europe provoked the pro-Western coup d’état in Ukraine and the continuing bloodshed that subsequently followed. At the same time NATO-led forces are gathering on the borders with Russia.

The EU, is now showing its militarized, xenophobic, racist and anti-workers face more clearly than ever. It is pushing forward with the rapid development of EU military structures and the NATO-EU coupling and synergy. In this framework, a “shift in investment” for the arms industry and the big capital is on it´s way, and the Union is planning a common defense fund paving the way to an EU common defense policy.

On the social and economical situation in the EU, the impoverishment of workers and the destruction of the welfare state is leading to a social and economical dumping.

Democratic and workers rights are being abolished, leading to mass unemployment, poverty and lack of real democracy. Pension and social rights cuts are now everyday life for the EU citizens.

Imperialism impoverishment of the peoples and militarization policies are nourishing racism, xenophobia and neo-fascism. Xenophobic and recist movements have riesen again all over Europe. Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Greece, Belgium, France, Finland  and Sweden are only some examples. In some of them we also see these parties being in talks for forming a government, or they are the main opposition forces.  

Last but not least, in April 2017, a record high on death toll of refugees in the Mediterrenean sea. Instead of acting with solidarity towards the refugees, the EU continues using it’s development aid as a monitoring instrument against refugee flows, and at the same time it both actively and passively participates in imperialistic actions destabilizing regions in Africa and in the Middle East.



Dear Comrades, dear Friends

The October Revolution proved that socialism is both just and feasible. It showed that it can solve great social, economic and national problems; that it can set free enormous productive forces for growth; that it can achieve unprecedented steps forward in the people’s living standards; that it can safeguard the feeling of security about the future for the working people.

It can disappear the uncertainty of whether they have a job, a house, education and health; that it can turn the page of human history as regards gender equality; that it can create a new type of international relations based on peace and solidarity.

The Soviet Union’s contribution to the crushing defeat of Hitler fascism, the collapse of the colonialist system, the containing of imperialism’s military aggressions, the growth of the workers movement in capitalist countries, the support rendered to the struggling peoples throughout the world, is unquestionable.

The new generations must learn about the historical truth, which demonstrates of course the superiority of the ideology that guided the Revolution.

Today, a strong and united Workers-, Left- and Communist movement, based on mass organised mobilization is the only real alternative against the neoliberal austerity policies being promoted by both the EU and the world elites. The Communist- , Left and Workers- Parties of the world have the most important duty to fight for peace, solidarity, social justice and socialism.

A duty that is combined with the waging of an ideological/political struggle against anti-communism, – which in the case of the EU assumes an institutional character – through the equation of socialism with fascism, the distortion and revision of the history of the Second World War and the Soviet Union’s contribution.

As European United Left/Nordic Green Left Group in the European Parliament, despite our internal differences, we took the call for this cause very seriously. We remain strong in our positions against the neoliberal austerity policies imposed to our peoples.

We remain strong on our struggle for workers rights and internationalist solidarity, both inside, as well as outside the Parliament.

We continue our struggle for fair and social wealth redistribution, as well as social progress and social prosperity. Against a militarized EU and a militarized World. Against racism, xenofobia and neo-fascism which is reviving in Europe. For peaceful, respectful and solidarity based co-existence of the peoples of the World.

With these thoughts in mind, we affirm our belief in the socialist future of humanity. We again express as European United Left/Nordic Green Left Group in the European Parliament our thanks and congratulations towards the Communist Party of the Russian Federation for organizing today’s meeting.

Long live the October Socialist Revolution

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