Following the speech given by EU Commissioner for Digital Economy & Society, Günther Oettinger, in Hamburg, the German conservative CDU politician has disqualified himself from being fit for his role.  
GUE/NGL President, Gabi Zimmer, comments: “Someone who speaks disparagingly of Chinese people, homosexuals, women or the Walloon regional government is not suitable to represent European interests.”
“The office of the Commissioner responsible for the European Union's budget in particular should be held by someone who is able to balance the interests of EU citizens and member states. 
“Speeches like the one Mr Oettinger gave reinforce resentment and division, instead of strengthening social cohesion within the EU.
“It is not the first time Mr Oettinger has publicly demonstrated that he is not suitable for  public office in the EU. In 2007, he gave a one-sided eulogy about Hans Filbinger, a former judge in Germany during Nazi times and former Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg,”  Zimmer concludes.
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