Pablo Iglesias for a Presidency that seeks dignity for the European periphery

GUE/NGL MEP Pablo Iglesias, nominated yesterday by the Group as its candidate for Parliament's Presidency, has described his candidacy as one that “represents the south of Europe and the periphery for democracy and social rights”.

Speaking this morning in the European Parliament, he said: “We need an end to austerity, unemployment, and alienation. We refuse to become colonies of financial powers that no one elected. We want sovereignty and dignity for our countries.”

He added: “We need to take Europe out of the hands of financial corporations and we need to guarantee minimum social rights.”

Parliament's two largest Groups (the EPP and the S&D) have both agreed to share the presidency, alternating after two and a half years. Iglesias described this toing and froing between the centre left and the centre right as a “pantomime”.

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