Following confirmation of a plenary vote on the investiture of the Commission next week, the GUE/NGL group confirms its opposition to the proposed team and ambition to build progressive majorities in the public interest to oppose anticipated Commission policy.

After an exchange of views with the Commission’s three executive Vice Presidents-designate this morning, Parliament’s Conference of Presidents paved the way for next week’s vote on the investiture of the new Commission.

Speaking after the meeting, GUE/NGL Co-President Martin Schirdewan said:

“In fear of losing the vote in plenary, the incoming Commission Vice-Presidents promised everything to everyone. That cannot be allowed. We demand transparency on how to finance all the big proposals for digital, social and ecological changes. However, these plans will be undermined if austerity continues.

“Without an impact assessment of the consequences on the labour market and social security systems, the Commission’s plans are gambling with our future. And it is the European citizens who will have to pay the price – again.”

GUE/NGL Co-President Manon Aubry added:

“Von der Leyen hasn’t learnt from Juncker’s failures: the new Commission will neither work for the People nor the Planet and will pursue the same neo liberal agenda.

“Most Commissioners have refused to make any commitments during their parliamentary hearings. European citizens are not asking for fancy speeches: they demand immediate and concrete action against climate change and rising inequalities”.

The vote in plenary on the investiture of the Commission will take place in Strasbourg on 27 November.

Given the potential for conflicts of interest that came to light during the Commissioner hearings process, our proposals for a committee on ethics can be found here:

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