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Amidst the global pandemic which has hit countries such as Iran particularly hard, and with Germany taking over the EU Council Presidency, the chair of the European Parliament’s delegation to Iran Cornelia Ernst (DIE LINKE, Germany) is urging dialogue and greater cooperation with the Islamic Republic during these difficult times, in particular on trade and on human rights:

“I am very concerned by the human rights situation in Iran. I urge the German EU Presidency to work towards lifting US-imposed economic sanctions so that prompt, flexible authorisation for essential medical equipment and supplies can reach Iran, including from the EU.”

“I also call on EU member states to strengthen INSTEX, in particular by providing it with the necessary financial means and political support to enable trade with Iran. I urge member states to work towards the release of an IMF loan as requested by Iran,” she added.

On the issue of human rights, Ernst said:

“The European Parliament has repeatedly expressed its concerns at the human rights situation in Iran. I regret that dialogues between the EU and Iran have not yielded sufficient results so far. The European Parliament will continue to follow the situation closely, in particular with regards to women’s rights, the defenders of human rights, dual nationals, and minorities.”

“I also call on the Iranian authorities to end the use of intimidation, prosecution or violence in dealing with dissent. I urge the Iranian authorities to release of all prisoners of conscience, including Sakharov Priza winner Nasrin Satoudeh. I am also deeply troubled by the sentencing against the Franco-Iranian anthropologist Fariba Adelkhah that is based on vague or unspecified ‘national security’ and ‘espionage’ charges. Finally, intimidation and repression levelled against religious minorities, in particular the Baha’i community, must also end.”

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