GUE/NGL MEPS sitting on Parliament's new special committee on tax havens have commented on the limited powers this body has to investigate corporate tax evasion and tax fraud scandals.

German MEP Fabio De Masi said: “Juncker and Schulz' political manoeuvres denied citizens a serious investigation into the 'Luxleaks' scandals through an inquiry committee – despite the fact that public accounts continue to lose one trillion euros a year due to tax fraud in the EU alone. We will do all we can, including cooperation with whistleblowers, to put additional pressure on the EP's grand coalition to start acting in the interest of the majority and start taking real political action against tax injustice in Europe.”

Portuguese MEP Marisa Matias said: “The constitution of this special committee is of an importance that can't be overstated. The 'Luxleaks' scandal shows the hypocrisy of a European Union that preaches fiscal sustainability and austerity while, at the same time, continues to tolerate and encourage fiscal dumping when it comes to corporate taxes. Let's not forget that corporate taxes are constantly being reduced while workers and pensioners are experiencing income cuts and tax hikes. This is a commission on fiscal injustice and the kind of European Union we are trying to build.

“As Vice-President I will commit myself to playing an active role in fully determining the facts and will always be a critical voice so the Commission can take its mandate to the limits of its competences. In this sense I shall present all the initiatives possible during the mandate of this committee. We need to send a clear message that while an Inquiry Committee is not illegal, tax fraud and tax evasion are.”

Portuguese MEP Miguel Viegas said: “This is a matter of great importance. Indeed, the more we know about this the more it becomes clear that these practices are common in most EU countries. This proves the responsibility of the political parties who were responsible for the governance of these countries and reaffirms the need to find alternative policies that break with this system that only favours large companies and penalises workers.”

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