With the Left in the European Parliament set to significantly increase in numbers to around 50 MEPs, GUE/NGL President Gabi Zimmer had this to say as the first estimates of the European Election results were released.

“It is clear that increasing numbers of citizens are seeking an alternative. Over the next five years our enlarged group will fight for jobs, equality, social solidarity, sustainable economic development, to stop TTIP, and for a Europe of civil rights and peace.”

“Recent policies of EU leaders have devastated our societies and brought our economies to the brink, especially the reaction to the current economic, financial, social and environmental crisis. The main challenges for the Left are to end austerity and tackle the dangerous rise of the far right.”

“Congratulations to all our comrades for an engaged and successful campaign. With new members joining us, our group will now set about laying down a strategy to begin these tasks,” she said.


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