After the revelations in the press of massive espionage over European citizens by the NSA, GUE/NGL MEP Marie-Christine Vergiat lashed out at the Commission in this morning's European Parliament debate on US mass online surveillance because of its agreed and repetitive speeches.

“The revelations of this weekend confirmed that we denounce long. Through Edward Snowden, we have evidence that the National Security Agency (NSA) through its electronic monitoring program PRISM had access to the server at least nine internet companies and not the least. “

“This has gone on too long. Obama himself said that surveillance monitoring of the internet does not apply to citizens of the United States or to persons living on their territory. The law of the United States has clearly been violated. That’s done. But in the background there is the admission that all others can be spied freely. We rejected SWIFT initially. We rejected ACTA. This has gone on too long. Enough hypocrisy. We have too much evidence of the facts. We must require the United States data protection of European citizens.”

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