Progressive forces must stand in solidarity with HDP following Turkish arrests

Brussels 04/11/2016


GUE/NGL President Gabi Zimmer has reacted with concern to the arrests of HDP chairmen Figen Yüksekdağ and Selahattin Demirtaş:

“The arrest of the leaders of HDP and so far 11 other members of the National Assembly is an unprecedented violation of the rights of the opposition in Turkey.”

“Their criminalisation and demonisation is yet another element in Erdogan's quest to consolidate his rule and silence opposition.”

“Many people in the Kurdish regions who have been expelled from their homes and persecuted for over a year are angry and horrified.”

“People from across Europe are spontaneously demonstrating against this latest aggression on HDP last night.”

“The violation of human rights in Turkey can no longer be dealt with by statements of concern. Erdogan can no longer be an EU partner.”

“The Turkish president wants to completely silence the opposition by accusing them of lack of cooperation in his fight against terror.

“In this witch hunt against the opposition groups, scholars, judges and journalists, Erdogan is seeking to stifle critical media and end democratic dialogue.”

“Despite persecution, interference and arrests of local representatives in the Kurdish regions, the HDP remains a glimmer of hope for a democratic renewal in Turkey and a peaceful solution to the conflict in the Kurdish regions.”

“We call on President Schulz, President Juncker and the heads of state of EU member states to take urgent action for the immediate release of HDP representatives.”

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