French MEP, Marie-Christine Vergiat, explains: “Under this proposed regulation, all third-country nationals and European citizens would be checked systematically upon entry to and exit from the European territory.”

“Since this is impossible in practice, in order to reduce delays at border crossings it is proposed that exceptions will be allowed, depending on the category of people and the type of border. Who can understand the logic here?

“This modification of the Schengen regulation is a new stage in the construction of Fortress Europe, built upon the remains of our fundamental rights.”

Irish MEP, Martina Anderson, comments: “It is delusional to think that collecting more data on ordinary citizens will make Europe a safer place. This regulation would not have prevented the attacks that took place across Europe.”

“It won’t work because the massive collection of data is not targeted. It is an infringement on the civil liberties of EU citizens and residents. It is invasive and unnecessary.

“The Commission has not even made an impact assessment to justify the regulation before pushing it through.

“If Europe wants to prevent terrorism, it needs better use of existing data, better cooperation between member states’ police and public prosecutors and to promote conflict resolution instead of fanning the flames of foreign conflicts and wars.

Spanish MEP, Marina Albiol, adds: “The borders of the European Union are the most dangerous ones in the world for asylum seekers and migrants. Numerous borders of the EU – like those in Ceuta and Melilla – are highly militarised areas where impunity prevails. There is police activity at those borders that routinely works against those who are trying to find a safe place to live.”

“Thousands of people have died crossing the Mediterranean and at the land borders between Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey as well.

“This proposal wants to turn freedom of movement into something that is the complete opposite; to generate fear and force people to return to places where they are not safe and not allow them to seek refuge in our countries.

“Dangerous are those in the European institutions who are trying to push forward legislation that is contrary to human rights!”

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