Representatives from regional, national and European levels have gathered in Brussels this week for the 2018 REALPE conference and they have called for more funding to ensure economic, social and territorial cohesion, and that rural depopulation must be reversed as it poses a major risk to the polarisation and fragmentation of our society.

REALPE – Réseau d'Élus et d'Autorités Locales Pro-gressistes d'Europe, or the Network of the progressive local representatives – was created as a platform for local representatives across Europe. Hosted by GUE/NGL group, the conference aimed to foster strong and sustainable links between local officials and parliamentarians Europeans on issues over public services, gender equality, fair taxation and peace.

You can read the two declarations below and watch the conference here:

REALPE declaration on Social Cohesion: http://ee-gue.spade/uploads/news-documents/REALPE_declaration_social_cohesion.pdf

REALPE declaration on Rural Depopulation: http://ee-gue.spade/uploads/news-documents/REALPE_declaration_depopulation.pdf

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