A resolution to overhaul the existing energy labelling system for household goods has been passed with a strong majority in the European Parliament today.

The proposals are aimed at providing clearer information on key household products by replacing the current system of proliferating pluses for grade ‘A’ with a simple A-G ranking.

It is hoped that consumers will no longer mistake grade A as being the most energy efficient.

However, an amendment to have this grading system applied to all electrical products within five years failed to pass, meaning certain household products will retain the A+++ labels into the next decade.

Commenting after the vote, GUE/NGL MEP Neoklis Sylikiotis said:

“Our group had long argued that it is important to ensure an energy labeling system that is clear, informative and understandable to consumers.”

“We therefore welcome the vote for deleting the misleading symbols to be replaced by a simpler, single labelling system from A to G. Consumers will soon have a clearer idea on the energy performance of a product and can then make informed choices about saving energy as well as money,” he continued.

“We had tabled an amendment calling for the rescaling to be introduced as soon as possible but it didn’t pass as we didn’t have the majority in the parliament.”

“However, we supported the report in the end as it’s a clear step in the right direction and such reforms are a positive development in enhancing the rights of consumers and energy efficiency,” said Sylikiotis.

Negotiations between the Parliament and the EU Council of Ministers for an agreement will begin in due course.

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