Ahead of this afternoon's debate on an eCall in-vehicle system, two GUE/NGL MEPs have voiced their reservations about the system.

GUE/NGL MEP Dennis de Jong said: “While at first glance the introduction of a device for cars that automatically calls the 112 emergency services in the event of an accident seems like a laudable initiative, it is in reality a shambles. Not only do many problems remain when it comes to the operation of the 112 service, there are also insufficient guarantees on data protection, particularly given the fact that this system can't be switched off. I believe a voluntary approach would be a better option.”

GUE/NGL MEP Thomas Händel said: “The devil is not in the detail, but in the system. GPRS and GPS based systems can do much more than just tell the fire brigade and the ambulance service the exact position of an accident. Other authorities, and even insurance companies, might want to get these data to enable motion profiles or invent car insurance risk premiums – pretty much everything that Orwell described in his novel '1984'. For the Left, however, life is not a novel; rather, the idea of ​​mass surveillance is a threat to fundamental freedoms and people's rights.”

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