Shameful rejection of progressive report on gender equality

GUE/NGL MEPs have condemned the result of a plenary vote on gender equality.

Shamefully 298 MEPs voted to reject GUE/NGL MEP Inês Zuber's report, which aimed to shed light on the extremely harmful effects austerity measures have had on gender equality.

The Portuguese MEP said: “This is a shameful signal from the European Parliament. It seems that the house is not even in favour of women's rights on paper. This will not be good news for the women suffering in countries where lives have been devastated by Troika programmes.”

Swedish MEP and Chair of Parliament's Women's Rights and Gender Equality Committee Mikael Gustafsson said: “Once again, a large number of MEPs has revealed their true colours when it comes to women's rights. They have shown themselves to be out of touch with the reality of many women's lives.”

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