A statement by Martin Schirdewan MEP, GUE/NGL co-president & member of the EU Parliament’s UK Coordination Group

“The peace process in Ireland and the protection of the Good Friday Agreement has been an absolute priority for the Left in the European Parliament from the very beginning.”

“We identified early on that a Special Status for the North of Ireland was the only way to reconcile Brexit with EU Treaties and the Good Friday Agreement. In effect, this is the Irish Protocol in the Withdrawal Agreement.

“The Parliament has always been clear that the full implementation of the Withdrawal Agreement – including the Irish Protocol – is an essential precondition for an agreement on the future relationship between Britain and the EU.

“The British government’s ‘Internal Market Bill’ is a flagrant violation of the Withdrawal Agreement and an attack on the Good Friday Agreement.

“We fully endorse all necessary action to ensure the implementation of the Irish Protocol. If the British proceed to put this Bill into law we will have to ask, what purpose is served by continuing to negotiate a future relationship with a British government that has no regard for international law or for the integrity of its own commitments?”



Photo courtesy of Flickr

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