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Amidst a social crisis, an EU coalition of the right, liberals, and social democrats have united to force through fresh plans for EU austerity. Proposals currently on the table will mean severe budget cuts to hospitals and schools, and the undermining of the necessary ecological transition.

“The alliance between socialists, right-wing, liberals, and conservatives is troubling, given the magnitude of this decision. The EU return to socially and economically irresponsible austerity policies will impact millions. A plenary vote on whether to enter negotiations with the Council and Commission is the least representatives could have done. Socialists, evading responsibility, hope to conceal their alliance with the right for a return to austerity, but people won’t be fooled. Voters won’t accept a rerun of the Troika years, slashing education, health, pensions, and wages”, warns Left MEP José Gusmao.

The right, liberals, and socialist political groups shamelessly strong-armed a crucial text defining economic and budgetary policies for the next decade through Parliament, sidestepping democratic debate.

New EU budget rules will compel significant cuts in public spending, jeopardizing public services, social protection and member states’ ability to address poverty, inequality, and the climate crisis.
For The Left, the fresh economic governance rules were an opportunity for a new, fairer economic model that puts workers first, not superprofits. We urgently need a Europe grounded in cooperation, solidarity, public investments, and balanced regional development. A continent leveraging the wealth of the wealthiest for industrial, ecological, and social investments.

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José Gusmão

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