The Left in the European Parliament will be in Malmö and Copenhagen from 6-8 June to meet with civil society, trade unions, and social movements as part of its “Study Days” as Sweden wraps up its Presidency of the EU.

Fighting climate change and inequality are the core demands of voters across the EU. On this, the far-right backed Swedish presidency failed.

Many of the very real challenges faced by Europeans stem from decades of failed neoliberal policies. Ahead of the 2024 European elections, Left MEPs and allies will discuss strategies for another Europe, one that brings together feminist and anti-racist movements to counter both neoliberals and the far-right.

As part of the study days, the Left will learn from different models in Denmark and Sweden that address the double scourges of social dumping and racism that create inequality and destroy our social fabric.

Left MEPs will meet with Nordic colleagues from Iceland and Greenland. They will visit the United Federation of Danish Workers 3F and discover local initiatives promoting social cohesion in Malmö’s working-class neighbourhoods Rosengård and Nydala.

Left MEP Malin Björk (Vänsterpartiet, Sweden) said: “I am really excited to show Malmö and Copenhagen to almost 100 people from left parties from all over Europe. There’s a great interest in the Nordic welfare models, but also a worry about the threats we see today from a coalition of far-right and right-wing parties. I hope we can show that we need strong, left forces to defend and develop our welfare societies from the systemic attacks. It will also be an opportunity for the big Left-leaning community in Malmö to meet and mingle with international left activists.”

Left MEP Nikolaj Villumsen (the Red-Green Alliance, Denmark) added: “The Left has a crucial role in ensuring a just transition, and in securing workers’ rights. This is exactly what we will be focusing on during the Copenhagen-part of the study days. We will discuss challenges and solutions together with Danish and European-level trade union representatives and with the Red Green Alliance mayor of infrastructure in Copenhagen, my good friend Line Barfod.”

The full agenda is available here: Program Study Days Malmö June 2023

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