During the debate, GUE/NGL MEPs stressed the need for greater social justice and social cohesion to combat the roots of these attacks rather than imposing further restrictions on civil liberties.

After extending condolences to the victims and families of the Brussels attacks, as well as those in Paris and further afield, Cypriot MEP and GUE/NGL Vice-Chair Neoklis Syliokitis said: “We have paid a heavy price in blood in Europe but also in Lebanon, Tunisia, India, Syria, Pakistan and the wider world.” He identified one of the basic problems as “the injustice in the distribution of wealth, as well as the intervention of the super powers in the internal affairs of other countries. The EU also carries some responsibility. Some of its member states obediently followed American imperialism and supported both politically and economically extremist Islamic groups which then formed ISIS.” 

“However we cannot accept these attacks being used as an excuse for enforcing new draconian measures which will restrict and curtail peoples' freedoms, because that will mean the defeat of democratic values against terrorism. The most effective way of tackling the dark forces of terrorism is waging war on injustice and inequality and putting an end to invasions and aggressions. It´s by strengthening social policies which will result in social justice and solidarity.”

For German GUE/NGL MEP Cornelia Ernst “it's clear that you have to track down the perpetrators of the attacks as soon as possible and obviously there has to be better cooperation. But what really needs to happen is to ensure social cohesion. If we have certain parts of society that have no say, if there are certain groups that are socially marginalised, then we have a breeding ground for the Islamic State (IS).”

“We have to put efforts into schools, communities, churches and religious communities. Without the help of Muslims we cannot put an end to IS terror. We need an overall holistic concept to put an end to all sources of terrorism.”


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