A statement by GUE/NGL members of the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly (EuroLat) João Pimenta Lopes (vice-chair), Marina Albiol (GUE/NGL coordinator for EuroLat), Eleonora Forenza (member) and Javier Couso (substitute): 

In reaction to the current situation in Venezuela we reaffirm our solidarity with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, its revolution and the struggle of the Venezuelan workers and people to defend their rights and sovereignty in face of a brutal destabilising coup campaign orchestrated by US imperialism and the European Right in collusion with the bourgeoisie and internal reactionary forces. Their goal is the destruction of the achievements and of the democratic, progressive and sovereign gains of the Bolivarian revolution.

We denounce the intensification of external interference and the threats of sanctions and economic warfare by the US and EU against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Such practices, which violate the basic principles of international law and the inalienable right of the Venezuelan people to decide about their own future with sovereignty, should be utterly and firmly condemned and rejected.

We denounce the real interests and objectives that are behind the escalation of terrorist violence in Venezuela and the intense campaign of disinformation that accompanies it, to deepen the coup plot and include the fictitious creation of parallel institutions to make it easier for external intervention in Venezuela.

We condemn the unacceptable declarations of the United States government that threaten to interfere with the internal affairs of Venezuela in open violation of the United Nations Charter.

We oppose statements by the EU High Representative Federica Mogherini in support of an internal consultation in Venezuela that lacks a democratic basis, as evidenced by the absence of a census or external audit, while threatening the country with sanctions for holding the National Constituent Assembly, with its basis on the Venezuelan Constitution. 

Such a statement is a feeble attempt to emulate the US government and represents a clear interference by the EU, whose mission should be to support dialogue within the framework of institutional stability and the rule of law.

We reject the ‘plebiscite’ held on the 16th of July, outside of the scope of the Venezuelan Constitution and without oversight and approval from the National Electoral Council, as a provocative farce that seeks to destabilise the upcoming elections for the National Constituent Assembly on the 30th of July. 

We denounce moves towards a parallel ‘government’ as lacking legality or a democratic basis, ignoring the Venezuelan constitutional and legal framework, and amounting to a de facto attempt for a coup d’etat like the one perpetrated in 2002. 

It should be highlighted that the same antidemocratic forces that instigated and staged the failed coup to remove then President Hugo Chávez and liquidate the 1999 Bolivarian Constitution and the Venezuelan popular process, are now hypocritically presenting themselves as the defenders of democracy and constitutional order.

The economic and social problems in Venezuela are an expression of the structural crisis of capitalism and, in particular, of the ruthless economic warfare imposed by imperialism and the oligarchy against the Bolivarian popular process, through the promotion of a financial blockade, sabotage, hoarding and price speculation aimed at hampering access to essential goods by the population.

We reaffirm and appeal for a broad solidarity with the Venezuelan people, the constitutional government of President Nicolás Maduro and the patriotic, progressive and revolutionary forces. We express confidence in the resistance, unity and capacity of the organised struggle of workers and the Venezuelan people to prevent the realisation of the violent and backward goals of the coup forces and to safeguard national peace, sovereignty and independence and defend and strengthen the liberating goals of the Bolivarian revolution. 

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