GUE/NGL MEPs showed their condemnation of proposed new anti-labour laws in Croatia by holding a protest in front of the European Parliament hemicycle today in Strasbourg.


Croatian MEP Nikola Vuljanić said: “The Croatian government has proposed new labour laws which would require all workers to work to the age of 67. Employers would also be able to swiftly end contracts and a 56 hour work week would be imposed.


“The law would also mean that pregnant women could be fired while on leave, all workers could be fired without severance pay or with their severance grant significantly reduced from 18 to 8 months, and that employers can class 25% of all jobs as temporary jobs, meaning they can avoid paying out health and social insurance. In addition, trade union rights would be jeopardised under these proposals.”


Vuljanić added: “And, to boot, in what can only be described as some sort of twisted New Year gift, the government will try to push through this new anti-labour law by the beginning of 2014.”


GUE/NGL President Gabi Zimmer said: “We must stand up for workers across the entire EU and condemn attacks on hard-earned gains for labour rights wherever and whenever they occur. These outdated proposals are only fit for the dark ages, and will not benefit in any way the majority of people living in modern Croatia.”


You can view more photos of the action here:

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