Across Europe, Left MEPs are today taking part in celebrations and demonstrations to mark International Workers’ Day. In Brussels, GUE/NGL will be part of la Fête du Travail, the programme of events begins at 1pm in Place Rouppe.

With the theme “Workers Change The World”, our stall will put across our vision for a Europe of social justice and equality, and commemorate the historic achievements of workers.

Marking the occasion, GUE/NGL President Gabi Zimmer urges a renewed commitment to a Social Europe:

“Millions of people in Europe long for wages that they can live on. They did not ask for unpaid overtime work, long-term stress and involuntary part-time and precarious employment.”

“In this neoliberal Europe, businesses have come before social and labour rights. Workers are treated as mere commodities. Wages and labour standards continue low and social security is almost non-existent.”

“We desperately need a Social Union. This is why the GUE/NGL group in the European Parliament has led on the efforts for a binding commitment through a Social Protocol to the EU Treaties. Neither economic freedom nor competitions rules should take precedence over fundamental rights and social progress.”

“Workers expect poverty-proof minimum income schemes, a framework for minimum wages and high-level public pensions.”

“As left MEPs, we fight for social justice and equal pay for equal work, every day. We want another Europe, a genuine Social Union,” Zimmer concluded.

Read opinion piece by Gabi Zimmer.


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