We’re living in a cost of greed crisis.

Tax justice is a critical issue that demands EU action now more than ever, as staggering inflation, driven by obscene corporate profits, further increases inequality across Europe.

Its high time to get serious about taxing the rich and supporting working people. That’s why The Left put a “Tax the rich” debate on the agenda of the European Parliament plenary session.

Over recent years, it has become easier for multinational corporations and wealthy individuals to exploit loopholes and engage in aggressive tax planning, resulting in billions in lost revenue for public coffers, hindering their ability to invest in areas like education, healthcare, public transport, and climate action. 

We must make sure that those who have more contribute more to the societies and working people that enabled their prosperity. 

It is time for the EU to prioritize tax justice as a core pillar of its agenda, working towards a future where all individuals and corporations contribute their fair share to the common good – a crucial step towards ending current destructive, immoral levels of inequality.