October 2021 marks the tenth anniversary of the International Conference to Promote the Resolution of the Conflict in the Basque Country – the Aiete conference.

The conference was organised to facilitate peace in the Basque Country and involved leaders of Basque parties and civil society, as well as internationally experienced peace-building figures.

It resulted in a five-point declaration that included a plea for ETA to renounce armed activity and proposed talks to end the conflict.

The Aiete declaration emphasised the need to deal with all the consequences of the conflict and its roots. Ten years later, this is still a political conflict and it must be addressed in democratic terms.

The statement by the Basque pro-independence Left about this anniversary is an important moment for democratic coexistence.

Over the last ten years, it has been proven that ETA’s commitment to end violence was firm. The recognition and empathy by the pro-independence left with the victims of violence, and the express wish and recognition that their suffering and pain should never have occurred is a decisive contribution to democratic coexistence.

We call for a resolution of the issue of prisoners, and stress that in the international context, it is difficult to understand that this issue remains unresolved.

Full declaration by the Basque pro-independence Left available here in ES and here in EN.


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