Athens, 04/06/2015


Time to put an end to austerity for Greece and for the EU

“It’s time to put an end to austerity and change the social landscape in Greece,” said GUE/NGL President Gabi Zimmer speaking at the Group’s Study Days today in Athens.

Gabi Zimmer continued: “It’s time to find a mutually acceptable long-term agreement which allows the Greek people to look to the future and ends their current asphyxiation. Greek society cannot bear more austerity and unemployment. We have to secure the prospect for development and growth and this can’t be achieved by increasing VAT and further reducing the salaries and pensions of the people of Greece.”

“We must quickly reach an agreement that allows Greek society to function without inequalities and economic strangulation. We need immediately a fair final agreement for Greece that doesn’t create a two-speed Eurozone splitting European citizens into two categories.

A failure in negotiations could be fatal not only for the people of Greece but for the future of Europe as well.”

Ms Zimmer concluded: “The Greek government has presented a realistic proposal that the Institutions must accept. It is a viable solution that promotes democracy, solidarity and growth with justice.”



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