GUE/NGL MEPs continued their ‘study days’ in Bratislava by learning about renewable energy resources in Slovakia and the difficulties in applying these policies across the member states.

Finnish MEP Merja Kyllönen, who is a member of Committee on Transport and Tourism at the European Parliament, cited the recent Volkswagen scandal as proof that CO2 emission from vehicles not only continues to pose problems but also requires stronger monitoring and enforcement:

“Even though we’ve been fighting this since the early 1990s, transportation is still responsible for about a quarter of the EU’s energy consumption and about a fifth of its CO2 emissions. Globally, energy generation and consumption – including transport – are responsible for 80 per cent of all greenhouse gas emissions that have a contributing impact on climate change,” the Finnish MEP told the visiting delegation.

However, a fear of upsetting voters, a lack of coherent strategies between the various EU institutions and continuing interference from powerful lobbyists and corporations mean weaning ourselves off fossil fuels and continues be an uphill struggle:

Kyllönen continued: “We need a more comprehensive and holistic approach. If we only do that by bringing out EU policies, nothing will ever happen. Nor should we wait for EU actions. We need to be braver towards our voters and not be scared of telling them what to do – like switching from driving to cycling or walking.”

“Every one of us as individuals can take part. As members of households, municipalities and parliaments, we need to take action against the soaring greenhouse emissions and we must do it with passion and love,” the Finnish MEP concluded in a heartfelt plea.

GUE/NGL press contact in Bratislava

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